10 Best Pellet Smoker Cookbooks

Best pellet smoker cookbooks such as Pitmaster, The Barbecue Bible, Meathead, and Smokin' Hot in the South.

If you’re looking to elevate your barbecue game, having the best pellet smoker cookbook could be the secret. Sure, the internet is full of barbecue recipes from 1,000’s of home chefs. Perhaps maybe there are too many recipes! It can be like finding a needle in a needle stack trying to find the right recipe. … Read more

BBQ Around the World

BQQ around the world. Get inspired to level up your BBQ with these international bbq techniques

So, how do you level up your BBQ? A fun way to get inspiration is by looking at what pitmasters in other countries do when it comes to BBQ. While the United States has its well-known BBQ traditions, the rest of the world is a treasure trove of diverse international BBQ styles and techniques. Here, … Read more

Types of Charcoal

photo of types of charcoal

For anyone into smoking, grilling, and all things barbecue, the idea that there are multiple types of charcoal is nothing short of thrilling. Charcoal is a totally authentic way to cook and grill meats, veggies, etc. Nothing beats the incredible smoky taste that comes from cooking with charcoal. It’s a whole experience that screams summer … Read more

Are Grill Mats Safe? [Plus 6 Other Alternatives]

Are Grill Mats safe? What are grill mats made of?

Grill mats are generally considered safe, depending on what the grill mats are made of and if they are used in the right way. These flexible mats are designed to be placed on the grates of a grill to provide a non-stick surface and protect the grill from food drippings, sauces, and other potential messes. … Read more

Best Types of Grill Grates

types of grill grates

What are the different types of grill grates and what impact do they have? Whether you’re buying replacement grill grates or looking for a grate upgrade, it’s important to understand how each grate type impacts your BBQ. Grill grates have a profound impact on your grilling success from even heat over the cooking surface to … Read more

Types of BBQ Styles

types of bbq

Nothing is better than a good ole fashioned American BBQ! It’s not surprising though that just as America is a melting pot of cultures, the types of BBQ vary across the USA. So how many barbeque styles are there? The simple answer is there are 4 major BBQ styles in the US: Texas, Carolina, Kansas … Read more