Best Smoker and Grilling Accessories [2023 Tested & Reviewed]

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Review and test of the best smoker and grilling accessories

We tested a ton of grill and smoker accessories to create our list of the best smoker and grilling accessories.

Nothing can be more frustrating than not having the right tool for the job. From pulling pork on a small baking sheet to struggling to get charcoal to light evenly, not having the best smoker and grilling accessories can be a real pain. Even worse were cheap grill kits breaking every 6 months.

Until recently, we were piecemeal buying grilling accessories when needed and often using random kitchen utensils on the smoker. So we decided to buy all the smoking accessories at once to avoid not having the right smoking tools handy when needed.

After testing every grilling and smoking tool below, we have come up with the ultimate, budget friendly grill and smoker accessory kit.

We purchased all 10 products in “The Essentials” section below for only $250 plus a few of the nice to have smoking accessories.

In a hurry? Check out a quick summary of the essential grilling and smoking accessories below:

The Essentials

Just like any trade or occupation, it’s critical to have the right tools for the job and barbeque is no different! We consider the following items as the essential grilling and smoking accessories to have for successful cookouts. 

These bbq accessories can be used no matter the type of grill or smoker you use. From grilling steaks to low-and-slow boston butts, be sure to have these barbeque tools on hand. We tested a ton of grill and smoker accessories and these are the tools that performed the best.

Testing the essential grill smoker accessories and tools.

1. Instant Read Thermometer

Having an instant read meat thermometer made the top of our list because it is often overlooked but should be a common tool next to your grill or smoker. An instant read thermometer is a handheld temperature probe that quickly lets you know the internal temperature of your food. 

It’s a must have grilling tool to quickly check the internal temperature or to double check your smoker’s built-in temperature readings. We tested a few instant read thermometers and chose the ThermoPro TP19H as our top pick.

Best Overall

ThermoPro – TP19H

2. Grill Brush

This one is probably not a surprise to anyone, however, grill brushes have evolved recently to become safer. Wire brushes were the typical go-to for cleaning grill grates but the wire bristles could fall out and stick to food. While we won’t go into the details of what happens when you accidentally eat a wire bristle, we recommend that you switch to a bristle-free grill brush to remove the risk.

There are many more bristle-free grill brush options available now and new ones added everyday. Here is our pick for the best grill brush:

Best Overall

Grill Art – Stainless Steel Grill Brush

3. Tongs & Spatula

Most of us have been through a few of the readily available “grilling tool kits” out there. While they get the job done at the time most are cheaply made, break easily, and include tools you probably aren’t going to use. 

We found that you get more value from your grilling tools when you buy each one individually. Will you pay a little more going this route – yes. However, the few extra dollars you spend lets you cherry pick the right tools for you plus they will last for many more years than generic grilling kits from Walmart.

The two grilling hand tools we recommend as essential are a great set of tongs and a multi-functional spatula. We chose the Cuisinart Locking Tongs and Traeger BBQ Spatula as our top picks.

Best Overall

Cuisinart – Locking Grill Tongs

Best Overall

Traeger – BBQ Spatula

4. Heat Resistant Gloves

If you’ve been grilling or smoking meat for any amount of time, you’re probably been burned a few times. It can be too tempting to just “grab it quickly” instead of running inside for an oven mitt. Having a dedicated pair of heat resistant gloves by the grill or smoker solves that issue.

Heat resistant gloves are great for wrapping meat, adding more charcoal, stoking a wood fire, or removing the top grate that keeps getting in the way mid cook. We tested the Grill Heat Aid Gloves out and found they work great.

Best Overall

Grill Heat Aid – HR Gloves

5. Butcher’s Block

Have you ever tried to trim a pork butt or brisket on an undersized, plastic cutting board? We have and it isn’t an enjoyable experience. You run out of room quickly, juices are running off onto the countertop, etc. etc..

The solution for professional (less mess) food prep is using a butcher block style cutting board. Butcher blocks take many forms but typically are thicker, more durable, and have a groove to catch any liquids. 

Best Overall

Greener Chef – XL Cutting Board

6. Boning Knife

While we are on the topic of trimming proteins. Having the right cutting board will solve one half of your food prep messes. The other is having the right knives for the job. We believe having a boning knife is essential to proper food preparation.

Boning knives are designed to be semi-flexible so that they can be easily worked around bone to ensure you don’t leave any meat on the bone. The same flexibility makes it excellent at trimming fat without reckless slicing up the good sections of the meat cut. 

Best Overall

Victorinox – Fibrox Boning Knife

7. Spray Bottle

We’d say the number one fear of most pitmasters is ending a 12 hour smoke with dried out meat. While there are multiple factors to keeping your brisket full of flavorful juices, having a spray bottle on hand for spritzing the meat is a time tested method for adding flavor to your smoked proteins while keeping them from drying out.

We use Oklahoma Joe’s spray bottle for our smoking needs due to the stainless steel shell that keeps the bottle from getting smashed or burnt. However, you could also use any food grade spray bottle such as an Olive Oil Sprayer from Amazon. 

Best Overall

Oklahoma Joe’s – Spray Bottle

8. Stainless/Aluminum Restaurant Pan

One of our absolute favorite smoking and grilling accessories is a commercial or restaurant grade high walled pan. This is an aluminum or stainless steel oven pan with high side walls (½” to ¾” high perimeter) that you have seen used at restaurants. They are tougher and more rigid than the regular customer baking pans. 

These are great for food prep, transporting food back and forth to the grill, serving food, and for shredding pulled pork.  

Best Overall

Nordic Ware – Aluminum Half Sheet Pan

9. Headlamp

If you don’t already have one, we highly recommend having a headlamp handy for long smoking sessions or grilling late dinners. Even the most prepared and experienced pitmasters can’t foresee traffic, an urgent work call, or other distractions that could mean your cooking starts later than planned. A headlamp is a great hands-free solution to pulling meat from the smoker at night.

Best Overall

100K Lumen Headlamp

10. Basting Mop

You’d be hard pressed to find a pitmaster that doesn’t own a basting mop. For those that aren’t familiar, a basting mop is used to apply sauces, butter, and other juices to your food. It’s a must have grilling and smoking accessory.

Best Overall

OXO – Basting Brush & Pot

Nice to Have

Now that we covered the essential grilling and smoking accessories (“the needs”), let’s switch gears to the smoking and grilling gear that is nice to have (“the wants”).

For those that grill or smoke more frequently, you’ll want to have one or more of these tools.

11. Charcoal Chimney Starter

This one applies to those that use charcoal grills or smokers. 

If you are lighting charcoal without a chimney starter you might have noticed the charcoal heating unevenly or having to load it up with lighter fluid. Both problems don’t end with great tasting food. 

Charcoal chimney starters funnel the heat and flame to quickly and evenly light the charcoal. Once lit, simply and carefully dump the charcoal into the grill. A pair of heat resistant gloves are nice to have when using a chimney starter to protect your hands.

Best Overall

Weber – Rapidfire Chimney Starter

12. Wired Thermometer

If you are looking for upgraded temperature control than the thermometers that come stock on your grill or smoker, you’ll want to add a wired thermometer to your BBQ tools.

Wired thermometer brands, such as ThermoPro, are dedicated to perfecting thermometers and typically far exceed the thermometer quality that comes stock on smokers. Better yet, these thermometers come with more features such as alarms, WiFi capabilities, monitoring apps, and much more than a standard PID controller on most pellet grills.

Best Overall

ThermoPro – TP20

13. Smoke Tube

Looking to add more smoke flavor to your food? Adding a smoke tube is an affordable accessory to maximum smokey flavor. 

Smoke tubes are easy to use as well. Simply add wood pellets (same ones used for pellet grills) to the tube, light with a torch, burn for a few minutes, then blow out the flame. The pellets will smolder for hours adding additional smoke in the grill or smoker.

We like using our smoke tube for quicker recipes such as snacks, appetizers, and small cuts of meat. Since these recipes typically aren’t on the smoker for long, the smoke tube is great at doubling the smoke flavor.

Best Overall

LIZZQ – Smoke Tube

14. Rib Rack

If you have a Weber or a smaller smoker, you can quickly run out of grate space for multiple racks of ribs. Rib racks turn the ribs on their side freeing up space to load the smoker for more ribs or other foods.

Best Overall

Sorbus – Rib Rack

Just Plain Cool Gadgets

Alright, forget what you need for a minute and just appreciate these grilling and smoking gadgets that are just plain cool.

What’s life without a few awesome toys for your favorite hobby? Better yet, the top grilling accessories in our “Just Plain Cool” category make cooking easier and expand that you can fire up on the smoker.  

15. Wireless Thermometer

Wireless thermometers are a new-ish accessory for smokers and grillers. As you might have guessed, these thermometers send temperature readings straight to your phone. Add the thermometer and check back in once you get close to the desired internal temperature.

Best Overall

ThermoPro – TempSpike

16. Electric Fire Starter

Looking for an easier (and cooler way) to light charcoal or start a fire? Check out the newest electric fire starter. Electric fire starters get red hot and light whatever fuel you’re using quicker than any other method out there. 

Best Overall

Looft – Lighter Gen 2

17. Rotisserie Add-on

While rotisserie cookers aren’t new, many grill brands have been launching add-on rotisserie accessory kits for grills and smokers. Some rotisserie kits always have different attachments such as an enclosed cage for tumble grilling wings and vegetables. Be sure to double check the specifications before buying to ensure it will work with your grill as some rotisserie add-ons are brand specific.

Best Overall

Universal Rotisserie Grill Kit

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