Review Guidelines

At Grill Smoke Repeat (GSR), we believe in fair, objective, and well-researched content. We stand behind the content and reviews posted on GSR because we hold ourselves to high editorial standards when writing, researching, and making recommendations.

Check out our review guidelines below to learn how we select the products you find in our guides.

What We Do:

Everything that we do at GSR to offer fair and objective reviews and content.

Always Consider the Reader & End User

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide our readers (you!) with high quality and trusted content. To do that we always keep the reader or end user of the product in mind when posting. We take that responsibility seriously and it’s often time easy to do since we buy and use many of the products ourselves!

Check User Reviews

We carefully read both positive and negative reviews from folks who have purchased the products. In doing this, we try to further understand the experiences and opinions of a wide variety a brand’s customers. If we notice a trend in a comment (positive or negative) we reflect that in our review.

Analysis the Product Features

We review and double check the listed features of a product. When possible, we go and physically check out at the product at stores or buy the products for yourselves to test out. Needless to say we have too much grilling equipment in our garages.

Scrutinize the Brand’s Marketing Claims

Brands make many claims about what their product can do and there are some historically cases of “exaggeration”. We always check a brand’s marketing claims against the utility the product can actually provide to customers.

Ask Other Industry Professionals

We don’t mind having other industry professionals review of content before posting. Who doesn’t like a second opinion! If we run across a very technical issue or something we may not have the in-house expertise in, we ask other professionals for their input.

This idea is also expanded to our readers. We read all comments submitted by our readers to gain insight into their personal experiences with a product.

Periodic Update Reviews of our Content

Things change! New products are launched, brands change manufacturing process, and customers needs are evolving. To keep all of our content updated, we conduct periodic reviews for new developments.

Provide Sources From Regulatory & Safety Agencies

We don’t mess around with safety so we provide links to our agency sources on health and safety. When discussing a topic that could involve health, fire, gas, or other hazards we use regulatory and other trusted sources. A few of the most common agencies sources we use on our site are below:

What We Don’t Do:

You will never find the following on GSR.

Accept Direct Sponsorships to Change Our Reviews

You may have heard about some companies offering customers discounts or cash to remove or edit a bad review. While it happens in marketing as well. GSR doesn’t accept sponsorship offers from brands that simply wish to change our reviews. We keep our reviews honest at all costs.

Post Without Doing Thorough Research

For each article that we post, we conduct thorough research into the topic or product. Often times the process from start to finish, our editorial process takes 1-2 weeks before posting.

We will NEVER post a review or guide without conducting the proper research first.

Go Against the Advise of Regulatory or Safety Agencies

We will always choose to convey the recommendations of trusted health and safety agencies.