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Our mission at Grill Smoke Repeat is to provide simple, yet comprehensive, content for the grilling and meat smoking public.

Welcome to GSR. My name is Anthony and I’m one of many who love spending an evening grilling on the back porch or a rainy Saturday smoking meats by the garage. Like most, good old fashion cookouts complete with good company and awesome food have been a staple in my life since a young age.

After learning the foundations from my father then experimenting and practicing further with friends over the years, I set out to take my BBQ to the next level. What better place to start then a Google search. It only took 10 minutes of searching to become overwhelmed with the thousands of recipes and self serving guides found online. While excited that the BBQ community is alive and well online with creative recipes, it was information overload.

With a full-time job (add regular overtime), a tennis-ball crazed Labrador Retriever, and football season, I didn’t get far into reading the 1,000 article guides and recipe pages – No matter how awesome they were. These many lessons, tips, recipes, and reviews could be better organized and simplified so I could spend more time grilling then reading. That’s what we have set out to accomplish at GSR.

While you won’t find any official “grill master” trophies on my fireplace mantel, I’m a long-time grilling enthusiast with a seasoned background in detailed research. For this project, I’ve enlisted the help of a team of qualified and passionate restaurant professionals to vet the research and share tips in the content we provide.

We hope you find our content simple to read, easy to find, and useful for taking your grilling/smoking/BBQ game to the next level.

Founder of Grill Smoke Repeat

GSR Team

Anthony Lucchino

Founder | Editor-in-Chief

Anthony is the founder and editor-in-chief of Grill Smoke Repeat.

He is a long-time grilling enthusiast and a self-taught backyard BBQ cook after many years of trial-and-error on a grill and smoker.

Through his successful professional career and obtaining two college degrees, Anthony is seasoned in detailed research and information organization. As an avid reader, he appreciates continually learning new recipes and techniques to perfect backyard barbeque.

Besides testing out new recipes, Anthony enjoys experimenting with new dry rubs, out-of-the-box foods to put on the smoker, and trying out new BBQ tools.

Most of his free time is spent grilling on the back porch or spending a rainy Saturday loading the smoker with meat. Nothing quite beats great homemade BBQ!

Nick English

Professional Cook | Contributor

Nick is a professional cook with over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

Specializing in Southern US inspired foods, he has trained under established restaurateurs in farm-to-table, casual coastal, and country club kitchens. Whenever possible, Nick adds some northeast influence to his cooking style drawing on familiar flavors from his hometown of Rochester, NY (i.e. the famous Rochester Garbage Plate, etc.).

It’s no surprise that Nick’s passion for preparing great food extends beyond the restaurant. His home kitchen is a testing ground where he mixes up new, creative recipes and perfects made- from-scratch sauces, brines, and baked foods.

Nick has spent more time in front of a grill than most. With years of training and practice, Nick is an expert at making restaurant quality food at home. As a contributor and fact-checker for Grill Smoke Repeat, Nick uses his diverse experience to help others upgrade their backyard barbeque skillset.